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Initiated by Wendi Riser with a Steering Committee of pros- Architect Helena Jubany (NACArchitecture, Los Angeles), also owner of Hermon’s Fresco Market, Kevin Ocubillo, Planning Deputy for Councilmember Jose Huizar, and Susie Lopez, Huizar Field Deputy.

Committees of Hermon residents have been formed, and are planning now: here, for the feel and the information of it, are notes from the Committee Reports, taken in the April Long Range
Planning Meeting, by Hermon resident Andrea Findlay Moran (Franklin High – oh those Mighty Tritons – class of S’59)



  • Repair broken sidewalks & curbs to encourage walking
  • Street repairs – especially the sink hole & bumps on Via Marisol
  • Better street lighting on side streets
  • Street cleaning, especially on Monterey Road, to be reinstated
  • Repair & maintain stairs leading from Bushnell Way School to Via Marisol
  • Improved marking on all crosswalks & install red lights where possible
  • Graffiti removal
  • Better city services


  • Keep development low – no high rises
  • Do not tear down single homes & replace with condos or apartments
  • Need updated list of zoning codes for Hermon – especially Monterey Road
  • Main corner of Monterey & Ave. 60 to have mixed use commercial
  • businesses to better serve neighborhood such as storefront businesses & café
  • Nice restaurant on Mika Color site but not a chain restaurant
  • Redevelop Fresco Center so it is more eye pleasing from the street with better mixed use businesses
  • More small type Mom and Pop businesses along Monterey Road that people can walk to such as ice cream store and coffee shop
  • Redevelop property on Monterey Road & Wheeling Way into something more eye pleasing that can serve the community


  • While everyone thought that Hermon is a very safe community, they would still like to see more police presence in the neighborhood
  • Reduce heavy traffic along Monterey Road & along Avenue 60 leading to Oak Hill Development and Collis Avenue
  • Monitor homeless encampments in our community
  • Keep streets & sidewalks clean & in repair to encourage a walking community


  • Install better lighting at our Hermon Park
  • Need better access to our dog park – perhaps a better walking path access from Avenue 60
  • Better walking paths and bike paths in park – maybe connect to paths already in place in South Pasadena
  • Median on Monterey Road needs to be upgraded and improved


  • Bushnell Way – need to know from LAUSD what the plans are for the school campus. Whether or not a charter school vs. traditional school
  • LAI – what is going on regarding any development of the property that the school is currently leasing
  • Community likes having these schools in our neighborhood and are willing to help them build and maintain a strong reputation for scholastic achievement


  • Does the community need to be concerned about the development of the 710 Freeway affecting our community?
  • Hermon Church: Enjoy having a church in our area that is so supportive and involved in community affairs
  • Fresco Market: Everyone loves the market and appreciates all the support they give to Hermon Community

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