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Inevitable – and Hermon is ready to work with them (see Long Term Plan). Within a month of the formation of Hermon’s Long Term Planning Committees, news of a significant proposal resulted in a meeting with the Developers, scheduled for May 3.

This property is best remembered as the huge Chinese house on Monterey Road – unlike anything else in Hermon, it has held a place of respect and curiosity for over 70 years. It does not have standing to be saved as a Historical Structure – so, it’s being demolished.

What takes its place is to be determined by the Community in conversation with the Developers; reports on that will be posted on HermonLA.

Below is a report on the proposal, written by Andrea Moran.


New Development proposed for 6111-6117 Monterey Road. Architects are bien-willner located in Beverly Hills. Ilanit Maghen is the Design Architect and their phone number is (310) 742-7112. Their proposed design can be viewed on their website at www.studiobwa.com. They are young architects with modern design ideas that do not fit into the overall architecture that we currently see in Hermon. However they did cite all the other high rise condo and apartment units that are currently in Hermon as examples of other high density buildings in our community. At the conclusion of their slide presentation followed by a question/answer period, they did say they would be happy to repeat this presentation at a community meeting in Hermon and address all our concerns at that time. We have to coordinate such a meeting with them. Here are a few notes that I took.

  1. Current lot in question is 12,000 square feet.
  2. Proposed development calls for 8 individual homes with each home being 1,500 to 1,800 square feet in size.
  3. Each home would be 3-4 stories high and when asked they said the city zoning for Monterey allows buildings up to 45 feet in height or 1-4 stories.
  4. The lot would be divided in half with 4 homes on one side and 4 homes on the other with a central driveway running down the center of the property.
  5. The 2 homes facing on Monterey Road would be 3 stories and the ones toward the rear of the property would be 4 stories.
  6. Each home would be stucco with wood and concrete design elements and have metal railings.
  7. Windows would be long to allow for more light.
  8. The homes will be individual, however there will only be 12 inches of space between each home. This space will be permanently blocked off.
  9. Homes will have a 2 car garage on the bottom level, 1 small bedroom or office and 1 bathroom.
  10. Second level will have the living room and kitchen and maybe a bedroom.
  11. Third level will be 2 more bedrooms and the 4th level will be either a bedroom or a family entertainment space.
  12. Large trees on the right side of the property will remain but all small trees will be removed.
  13. Bedrooms will be small. Minimum city requirement for a bedroom is 10 feet in width. Some bedrooms may be 14 feet wide.
  14. Each home will sell for $300,000 to $350,000.

These homes basically fall into the new resolution passed by the city that allows for small lot subdivision. They will be small but with 3-4 bedrooms will target young couples starting out with small families.

The overall appearance is a very large modern structure with offset design elements on each floor. With 4 stories high, this development will dwarf other single residential property, as well as the 2 story units currently in that block. For those residing on Toltec, their views will be obliterated.

Concerns raised about the strain on Hermon infrastructure, especially street parking, water usage and especially strain on our already crumbling sewer system as well as aging pipes. They said they would comply with all city requirements to address these issues.

Each home will be sold individually and there will be no homeowners association so they could not explain how the communal areas would be maintained and/or repaired.

They said all their funding was done individually with no federal or state funding involved.

Most of those in attendance were of the opinion that this development was far too dense and too high rise for our neighborhood.

Committee said they would not make any decision regarding the property until the developers have presented their plans to Hermon community and have considered community input into their plans.

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